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Stewart Family

Welcome to my family genealogy website for the Stewart-de Jaham descendants and ancestors. I'm constantly adding more data to the database but feel free to look around! I know that some information may not be correct and I'm working to get everything as accurate as possible including crediting/identifying sources of information.

A new section, Most Wanted, has been added. Please take time to have a look; maybe you could help me out with some details or even identify someone in an old photograph.

Register for access. All personal information for individuals who are still living is private and viewable only to registered family members. If you are a family member you may register for this access.

Interesting Reading

Wanted If you have birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, documents of interest, etc., I'm more than interested--those are the best methods of authentication. I am especially interested in documents and information about grandma's family: Uncle D and Aunt Phili, Uncle George and Aunt Cecile, etc. For examples of what I have available, you may want to check this link to documents.

Raymond Johnson

Today's Birthdays

Tarja Pellinen - 1953 (66)
Jacques Blondel La Rougery - 1939 (80)
Maria Georgette Gabrielle Augustine Burban - 1899 (120)
Azby Destrehan McCutchon - 1894 (125)
Françoise Marie Octavie Jaham de Courcilly - 1843 (176)
Pierre Edgar Dreux - 1837 (182)
Seymour Alexander Stewart - 1835 (184)
Joseph Michel Thibaut Jaham Dorival - 1788 (231)
Magdeleine Catala - 1769 (250)
Pierre Jean Corbin de Bachemin - 1766 (253)
Marie Jeanne Voisin - 1751 (268)
Marie Elizabeth Fazende - 1744 (275)
Gérard Robin - 1700 (319)

Today's Anniversaries

Antoine Jacques Le Pelletier married Rose Élisabeth Gardier de Beuze de La Verte Beuze - 1702 (317)
Luis Delatre married Catherine Elisabeth Steigre - 1760 (259)
Claude Charles Durand de La Joubardière, alias Durand Decourt married Louise Élisabeth de La Haye - 1769 (250)
Louis Alexandre Thébault married Céleste Rivet - 1792 (227)
Thomas Victor Chassagne married Marie Margarite Atheise Giquel - 1820 (199)
Thomas Barrett married Maria Hanrieta Palme Griffon - 1824 (195)
Marie Louis Raoul de Jaham married Marie Raphaël Simone Josette Desmé - 1976 (43)