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A Martinique Journal by Genevieve de Jaham

August 10, 1954 – September 10, 1954

Transcribed by Raymond Johnson, February 2009

August 10, 1954

After days of work [?] busy time we are on our way to Martinique. Phili took us to the port with Lalie; George, Cecile, Marie, and JoAnn came and helped with our luggage.

We only wished they could have accompanied us. We had many pounds overweight and paid $23.80 to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

We left New Orleans at 9:30 am. In three hours we were in Tampa to take on and leave passengers. In ten minutes we were again on our way and in less than an hour in Miami. Shortly after leaving Tampa we were served a delicious lunch. 3 Sandwiches--2 chicken and combination cheese and ham--a mixed salad with dressing, pickles & olives, a fruit cup and a delicious cake and coffee.

We had hoped to take a tour of Miami but time was wanting; tours are for 2 hours and we did not have that much time layover so we got cards wrote, looked about, had a delicious sherbet and the time went by pleasantly.

We were on flight 225 and left Miami at 4:30--direct flight to San Juan, almost all over water, in, over, and under clouds of curious and beautiful formations. They looked light at times--heavy like dark smoke--and like a mass of floating islands egg white --again at times like white marble statues. At one time for 20 minutes we were in a gray smoke like cloud--we were sure we traveled over a storm or at least heavy rain. The sunset coloring was beautiful.

We were in San Juan for 9:30. It was like fairyland to look down on the city lights of various colors. In no time we had our baggage checked and a cab took us to Hotel Normandie where our reservation had been made by Airways in New Orleans--$8.00 for the night. We had a real suite--an entrance room, small with comfortable chairs, and a single bed or couch, a double twin bedroom, a medoir, with desk and easy chairs and a large bedroom all done in pink tiles.

After bathing and I wrote while my Precious shaved and bathed. We were in bed for a good nights rest. We left a request to be called at 6 a.m.

August 11, 1954

And were awaken earlier by an alarm clock.

In a cab--we were at the airport for 6:40 and had our baggage weighed--and on its way to the plane. Had fruit juice and coffee, jelly with toast. I did not finish my toast as we heard our names called as passengers for the flight leaving from gate #2 and telling that the plane was ready. Flight 529 A.

We are now high above the island, motors humming a beautiful sun shining in on us. We left at 7:40. Most interesting trip--followed different islands on map and an officer aboard plane called our attention to left or right coloring of water as we approached Antigua like jewels. At 9:30 at Antigua port small--we waited 2 hours for another plane.

Left Antigua at 11:30 readied Guadalupe at 12:45. Spied Daniel at airport got down to see him spent 15 minutes with him--So happy to see each other after 7 years. He remained until plane left. We reached Fort de-France airport Martinique in less than half hour. Plane was early. Our letter had not reached Amédée and there was rumor of yellow fever in Trinidad and no passengers were supposed to land at the island. So all the plans to meet us in a group were cancelled and fortunately, as a safety measure, Amédée decided to come and I do not know who was most surprised between him, Guy, Robert, and the family.

The warmest welcome and happy reunion ever. Our baby is adorable and so happy. Smiles most of the time. She is in perfect health and has grown very much--not fat. Paule is very dear and lovely; she and Nicole get along very well and this is a happy time.

Several servants--and they are finishing repairs and alterations of the house parlor etc. It is lovely.

After a little stay here Raoul came to take us to his home (a small palace) where we saw our two old aunts (papa’s first cousins) tante Pauline and Elisa. Also we met Gabrielle Hervié--the daughter of Joseph Hervé and Camille de Jaham. Also a daughter of André de Jaham came to see us. She is Monique de Jaham married to Alain D. They have four children--another on way.

Guy de Jaham and Marie Louise parents of Alain had prepared the welcome dinner for us. We had a grand reunion at their home and it was midnight before we retired.

Anna (second wife of Paul’s Father) came to see us with his daughter.

August 12, 1954

We slept late--rested very well after dressing had breakfast in our room. Annie Cottrell Pory came to visit us with her children. She is lovely and has developed into a large, strong, and sweet mother. We had "déjeuner" here and in the afternoon Ferie aud Claire came with a friend Georges Rimbault and we went with them and Amédée for a visit to George’s house at Balata at the foot of the Pitons.

We stopped in at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart to pray and meet Father Charles de Jaham whose brother, Monsignor Eugene de Jaham died about 3 years and is buried in the Cathedral. This place is called the little montmatre--one can look down at the city--a beautiful sight. We also stopped here on our return to see the sky and city by moonlight. We met George’s wife and his daughters and son. His little girl 2 ½ years Nicole--nicknamed quellquette--was a darling.

Returned home to find more visitors--Edith (Paule’s sister) Lillie Lecour Grandmaison and her husband. Bernard de Jaham and Simone were also here. Edith had dinner with us. Retired about 11:30.

August 13, 1954

Our Baby is two months old today. She was so bright and happy this morning as I saw her in my gown and robe. Everyone here is so happy. Had breakfast in our room. Bathed and dressed and it is now ten o’clock. As I hope to resume my correspondence interrupted yesterday. Wrote before "déjeuner" then rested. Left after 4 pm for a tour to city and a visit to Grandpèré home at Pitou du Carbet (Case Pilot) where Bernard and Simone live. Amédée and Paule followed us in the company truck. Home for dinner. Yilonne went to Edith’s as she will remain in town for a dance tomorrow. Then Paule left with him and Mrs. Georges Marry (daughter of Edith, Paule’s sister).

We are retiring at eleven o’clock after a full day.

August 14, 1954

We rose a little earlier. After breakfast went with Nicole to the market place, something which reminded us of Mexican markets--very interesting. We watched her bargain with the various dealers. Saw many new fruits and vegetables--real Martinique costumes. Returned home then Alain Despointes called for us to take us to dinner at Andre’s house where he and Monique have been staying. Aunt Pauline was there also. The house is lovely. We had a delicious dinner and much more interesting and heartwarming visit.

Amédée called for us. We made a small tour of town there home -- many visitors came Christian and others.

We had dinner here last night and retired early.

August 15, 1954

Marie’s Feast--wished her a most happy one. Attended 8 o’clock mass with Amédée at the Cathedral. Had breakfast when we returned after a lovely trip along the coast with Amédée.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fabre (Odette) came to get us to take us to Morne Rouge to visit Aline and Guy Fabre who had a very large family reunion for us--28 at dinner. We visited the Cathedral there and prayed at the Shrine of the Miraculous Virgin--Notre Dame de la Délinaude.

Before dinner we went with Marcel Fabre for a ride to St. Pierre and Riviére Blanche at the foot of Mt. Pélée on the sea. We visited the Cathedral at St. Pierre. After dinner we went with Guy, Alain, and three others in a jeep to the summit of Mt. Pélée (as far as we can go in a car)--place called l’Aigleron--from there tourists can mount on foot to the summit.

It rained and the wind blew--such a beating rain we did not leave the jeep. Narrow, rocky, steep and dangerous road if the jeep had not been in hand of a competent and experienced driver.

On our return to the house of Guy Fabre we remained for a while and then took Paule to the home of Georges and Line Marry. Revisited the church then the rain came down in sheets--Paule borrowed an umbrella, went home to get a package for Nicole and then returned with the Fabres in their car. We got in then left her there and were on our way back to Didier through the same winding road of this morning--rather long road. We were somewhat tired but really happy.

Had supper with Amédé and Nicole then played a little with our baby who is more and more interesting and beautiful. Now we are about to retire and are very happy over our full day.

(Decorations of Cathedral need other Churches).

August 16, 1954

Stayed at home this morning and had déjeuner with two of Amédée friends here at home. In the afternoon Amédée and Nicole went with these friends on a tour to be Diamant and we went to Joseph Hervé’s for a family reunion where there were about 40 cousins to celebrate the 85th birthday of taunte Eliza. Guy gave me the family tree she had made when Margaret was here. Did not see Camille her mother. They have a painting made by my darling Maria. Home for dinner.

We were all ready for an "early to bed" when Nicole saw the baby had some disturbance. At 10:30 they called the doctor and to our general rejoicing found out it was nothing to worry about. She is as bright and playful as usual. (High wind broke base of lamp).

August 17, 1954

Baby is fine this morning. Went to town with Nicole and Amédée. She had her shampoo while we bought cards and a few souvenirs for home. Déjeuner here, then in the afternoon Ninette came to take us to Balata to visit Annie and René Cottrell’s gardens called. We did enjoy this trip and the delightful family Annie has. We returned in time to dress for the cocktail at the American Counsul’s. Claintur Olson had a farewell party for the vice consul Jim Hoach--who is named to a higher post at The Hague. It was a most pleasant evening. Nicole and I wore Orchids which Annie gave us from René’s gardens. We were very chic and did return quite happy.

August 18, 1954

We are up early this morning as Ernest and I will go with Amédée to Simou. Went for a long ride to Amédée Plantation--passed St. James Plantation, owned by someone else--also Lameutin, François, Simou, Vaughin, and as far as Paque Mare.

Met Mr. and Mrs. De Wounes and their daughter Madeleine "Madi"--one of the de Jaham’s was there. We had "déjeuner" here and in the evening Ninette and Robert her husband came to get us to have dinner at "Printauette" the property of René Cottrell where Annie and family are staying at present. We came home after eleven. Gerard and Philip were there also--we were eight for the dinner.

August 19, 1954

Stayed at home--wrote cards--déjeuner here. Rested a moment--visits from Alice Plissoneau--also Marie Aline, Michel de Pompignou and their baby. Left almost seven to see Yvonne de Jaham who returned from France. We stopped there on our way to dinner at the house of Fili and Gilbert Le Cour Grandmaison--a lovely party--14 at table.

August 20, 1954

It poured all morning but we went to town to get a gift for Amédée and Nicole--bought a glass vase imported from Denmark. It made her very happy. All day spent preparing for dinner. 2 beautiful frick a sheep -- etc etc. Dinner was a grand success. 32 at table very much animation--a magnificent dinner. The house looks lovely with flowers etc.

August 21, 1954

Went with Amédée and Paule to make a tour with of the island--went to le Diamant and many other places. La Pagine--visited the museum at the birthplace of Josephine; very interesting. We had a picnic lunch on the beach in front of le Diamant. Rested a while when we returned--then prepared for the cocktail at Edith Meyer--a very pleasant evening in spite of rain. Everyone charming.

August 22, 1954

We worked late last nights to finish writing and posting our cards for home. Up thru morning early--and my precious stamped all the cards he could--we need more stamps. Attended 8 o’clock mass at the Cathedral went to post office for stamps. Now we are waiting for Amédée and Nicole to leave for La Pointe Cousin Guy de Jaham’s property where we will have a picnic and outing all day.

There were about 30 persons there we had a delicious dinner--good company--a restful and very pleasant day. The young people and some of the older ones went sailing and bathing--I was happy to go riding in the Atlantic after dinner. We returned home. Nicole had really enjoyed the day. Paule also was with us--we had a very light supper and were happy to fall in bed. We went with Nicole and Jacques de la Geyer and returned with Amédée; Nicole and Paule returned with Jacques. Amédée was pretty sunburned--used Noxema.

August 23, 1954

Went shopping with Paule bought Limoges etc. While Paule did other shopping we visited tante Pauline who was really happy to see us. We had a very pleasant visit. Daniel came while we were there also Paule returned had chocolate cream at _____. Saw Gaby twice--also met Pierre Hervé--will visit them _____ evening. Retuned home for déjeuner. Paule left with Georges Marry. We with Amédée and Nicole had dinner with Ninette and Robert who live a short distance from Amédée’s. We were 14 at table. Met Raymond Cottrell and his wife Monique--pleasant talk--and we returned for about eleven-thirty.

August 24, 1954

I attended 6 o’clock mass at the noviceat--also heard 6:30 mass while I finished my prayers. Met Father Baumarne who had been Amédée’s professor--said "c’était une perle." Sent his greetings and affection--enjoyed my short talk with him. Went shopping with Nicole. Joseph Hervé’s Chauffeur called to get us for déjeuner. Went to la Redoute where they live--(stopped to meet Joseph on the way). At déjeuner there were Joseph tante Zaza--Gaby, Henriette Lapose and us--very good food as we find everywhere. Looked at photos, souvenirs, etc. Henriette took us to see tante Louise Hervé (Mrs. Alfred Reynal) and her daughters Adelyn and Henriette.

We left there to meet Mrs. Edgard de Jaham (Yvonne Littée) -- they took us to their house in Fort-de-France where they left us--then we went with the family in the station wagon to visit the grand mother Mrs. Luis Littée au Lamentin. We had a very pleasant visit with the family and Yvonne’s brother & family Jean Littée.

On the head of these outings and visits we did not understand we were to visit Claudie de Jaham, Mrs. _______ who is leaving for France next Saturday. He apologized for being so late--then had a very nice evening with them--Edith--Mme Maman de Jaham and Claudie’s sister Annie.

August 25, 1954

Left the house at 6 a.m. with Amédée--(too early for Nicole)--went to visit [? ?] du Maria where Mr. Richenel Le Sack Sioe, a cluriese Hollander is in charge. Visited the refinery from top to bottom. Went up to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Loe Sack Sioe where everyone got into bathing suits then into jeeps for a trip to the tourist part of the islands. Passed the Sabries then through the sands of the lake to the petrified forest. Picked up pieces of petrified woods--then again through the rugged roads back to the spot selected for bathing. We all drank cocoanut water from green cocoanuts and ate the cream with a homemade spoon. After a midnight swim and bath in the clear blue water we returned to the house to dress for déjeuner--everyone suffering from a wonderful appetite. A delicious meal then sat on the porch talking and especially laughing to our hearts content. It was an ideal day everything made to order. Guy, Marie Louise, Marie Therese Children were there with us and Amédée.

We returned with Amédée and expected to wait for Guy at the entrance of the prairie. After 20 minutes when he did not show up we returned to ________ thinking he was in trouble. It was an anxious moment not finding him we returned to the prairie and on the way met Guy who had cut in a shorter route--gotten here before us--and thought we were in trouble. Anyway we reached here safely--in a heavy rain and after happy greetings and a light meal were in bed for a good rest disturbed by mosquitoes.

It is a nice country here the house is in a lovely location. Mosquitoes and flies come in--no screens and the rains too bring them. We did have a good evening. Today on our trip with the Le Sack Sioes we saw again le Rocher du Diamant--also Isle Cabri--the Devil’s table.

August 25, 1954

Had a good sleep up this morning at 7:45--breakfast in our room, and as my precious shaved and dress I went out in my gown and robe to the porch to talk with Marie Alice. The house overlooks the ocean and as the water comes in on all sides one has the impression of being in an island. To the right looking east is la pointe chaudière immediately on the left is la pointe Madeleine where Claudie’s house is--then between this point and La Pointe Censier where Guy de Jaham’s house is there is Raoul de Jaham’s house on la Pointe de la Prairie. André’s house here is on la Pointe Jacob. We spent a very quiet and restful day. Read, slept, played with the darling baby Dorithée and talked with Marie Alice who is a sweet little mother and very capable--she directs her home like a much more matured person.

We had almost planned to go bathing this afternoon--but the rain and wind came in sheets. It was an almost cold wind--so my precious and I decided we should not go out. Before dinner Marie Alice Nichole and me walked to the point--where we had a splendid view of all the points going out into the ocean. It was a pleasant walk and on our return they went in for a swim. Later we had dinner then talked--looked for the southern cross--clouds obstructed the view and as we will be up early in the morning we retired at ten o’clock. I covered my bead with the sheet--as Marie Alice said she did--and had a rest from mosquitoes.

August 27, 1954

I was awake a little after five o’clock--returned to sleep and then before almost six or six thirty got up to dress. We have said our prayer and we are now ready for breakfast. It is now twenty minutes of seven--we can hear the setting of the table. We left Pointe Jacob about 7:30--stopped at the house on Reunion Plantation where Michel and Marie Alice will make their home--it is an immense plantation and belongs to the de Pampignon family.

We were at Amédée’s for nine o’clock and happy to see them and our baby again. We went to spend a few moments with Pierre Hervé and family. Saw lovely pictures which a friend made of Grenada. Our visit had to be cut short because there was a dinner party at home in honor of Mr. Walter Scott, a friend of the family--also connected in business. Guy and Marie Louise, Alain also Marie Thérèse had dinner with us.

August 28, 1954

We had later start than e had planned as Nicole wanted to accompany us. Fernand Clerc called for us--took us to his home Redoute, then for a long ride along the Atlantic coast. Passed pineapple plantations also cane, banana, cocoanut, etc. Stopped at their country home Vivé for lunch then went on our trip. At a little church in a village we left the auto and Fernand joined us in the jeep. Through a rough, steep, rugged and through the mountains--then we came to Grand Riviére a very picturesque spot on the coast. Fisherman’s boats--some leaving for a trip--in rough water. It rained we got wet and took shelter in a fisherman’s market place. Then we thought we could chance it we left and happily returned without rain in the open jeep--a long ride by night through narrow woodland roads--and then we stopped at Morne Rouge to see Paule who as not in.

Returned to Fort-de-France ready for a good night to rest after a good plate of soup. Stopped at Moulin L’eteag large dining room about 150 ft long (chabet).

August 29, 1954

Mass at 8 o’clock at the Cathedral. Left for Morne Rouge with Amédée and Nicole--a lovely trip along the left coast of the island (le littoral) on the Caribbean Sea. Museum at St. Pierre was closed for repairs. We met an old gentleman who is in charge of the museum--Mr. Durival--he showed us cards and pictures related to the eruption--also took us to see the dungeon in which the prisoner was found days after the eruption--and alive. Had a lovely déjeuner with Paule and Gilone. In the afternoon we went with Amédée and Paule to le Prècheur on the north west coast of the island--a narrow road--in which we saw an auto which turned over almost into the precipice. Watched them pull it out. Continued to the almost farthest part of the road and saw La Perle...

On our return trip the front right wheel went into the ditch. A short time to straighten it out. Went to La Kermess Convent Fair--bought a few things. Attended the Rosary Candlelight precession and Benediction at the church in honor of the Tridium to Blessed Mother. Had chocolate and cookies then went to sleep at the house of Mrs. Hayott, Yvonne de Jaham’s mother’s home.

August 30, 1954

Today is the feast of Notre Dame de la Délèrande. We received Holy Communion with Paule at the church of Morne Rouge then heard 7 a.m. mass. We returned after breakfast for the Solemn High Mass which was magnificent. The people join in the chauting--sermon wonderful.

We returned to Paule’s where we had a good déjeuner--Alice Jaquenison spent two nights there and came to some of the religious ceremonies. After déjeuner we rested a while and were ready to attend the closing ceremony. We slept a moment in a room and at six o’clock were quite refreshed to meet Paule called to see the Bishop who was not in--then went to pay a visit to Roger Lafosse who has a lovely family eight children.

When we returned we left and after taking a few notes the family and talking with Paule we returned to rest--and prepare our suit case to leave early.

August 31, 1954

We returned to Fort-de-France with Georges Marry a neighbor of Paule’s at Morne Rouge--a very pleasant ride through country. Had a shampoo while my precious had a hair cut. Returned to Amédée’s for déjeuner.

Gerard and Blanche called to see us with their older child. They just returned from America. We will go for a visit to Georges Rinefaut and family at Balata. We had a very pleasant visit. Little Nicole is precious. I think she remembered me. We could not remain long with the Rinebaud family as we were to drive with Raoul and family. We were on time and had a lovely evening--were 13 for dinner. Two young ones ate at a small table and 11 at the big table. The evening was most pleasant their home and the site there are beautiful. Raoul, Yvonne, Sabine, Amédée, Nicole, Ninette, Gerard, Philip, Guy, Marie Louise, Edith, and us two formed the party. We were at home a little before midnight.

September 1, 1954

We did a little shopping this morning. Then Sabine came to get us to take us to her home where tante Pauline had us for déjeuner (it was really Raoul and Yvonne’s party). We were about eight--Tante Pauline, Raoul, Yvonne, Sabine, Bume Nanette, Anna, Annie, and us.

Before returning home Raoul had us visit all establishments of the family Antilles corporation. The Royal Seda and Junta Lorraine Brenay--Ice plant Rhum dispenser--all big and successful business. About 7 o’clock we had the visit of Pierre and Madeleine Hervé with two daughters. And regretted very much we were obliged to have when Marcel Fabre came to get us to take us to his home for dinner--very pleasant evening with Paul Fabre and family.

September 2, 1954

We finished writing all the letters and a few cards we intended to send home. And were happy to get them ready for mailing--they will make tomorrow’s plane. We had déjeuner here. About two o’clock Sabine called for us as we wanted to do a little shopping. I bought my dictionary (which my Precious gave me) and a few other things. We went with Sabine for a ride up to the Hospital where the view is beautiful. Returned home early and while my Precious rested I enjoyed the baby.

Mr. and Mrs. Plissoneau had dinner here. It was delicious as usual but I was so sleepy--it spoiled the visit for me. Anyway, things went on well and about eleven we were ready to retire.

September 3, 1954

Today is the first Friday I awoke on time for mass. It rained so I hesitated to call Nicole who had made me promise to do so. Amédée took Antoinette, Alice and me to the convent near here. We got there at the communion of the nuns--but were very happy to get there at all.

It is still raining. I held the baby for a long time; she slept in my arms and is more and more precious. We have only three more days to enjoy here. We left Nicole and Edith for a day in the country--Nicole drove--on the way it rained more and we passed two places where the swollen river flooded the road. We were bogged in the first place--helped by a kind workman--gave him a tip. We reached Rivière Salée where Alice lives and Paule has her lovely apartment (11 o’clock). Alice took us to meet a friend Mr. Hayot who showed us through the pottery. Some make vases cut hollow tiles, etc--most interesting--also the old home which dates back to 1783. Met a missionary and family. On the building a used metal plate reads

"Ici le travail change la terre en au" 1783.

Ici le travail change la te rre en au 1783.

We returned to Edith’s after buying a few pottery souvenirs. Had dinner (déjeuner) with her and a pleasant restful day--also interesting and educational. Paule came for a visit had dinner with Amédée. We had several other visits that evening--Robert arrived from Guadaloupe--George Marry called for Paule--Jacques de la Geyer.

September 4, 1954

Had an early start went to town with Nicole bought baby sacks and champagne cakes. Soon the Christening at the Cathedral. Had dinner at home then rested and went with Amédée, Nicole, and Edith for visits in the family.

We went to Alain and Monique at Belle Etoile Plantation--St. Joseph where Amédée’s grandfather was mayor for 32 years. He brought water to the Bourg--a monument to his memory:

"À Raoul de Jaham la population reconnaissante 1907"

We went to visit Mme. Georges de Wounas à Choisy the first house built by Raoul de Jaham when he was 23 years old and it was his first home for his bride. All their children (9) were born there and his first wife Alice de la Gregory died there. We visited the tomb in the cemetery.

We returned to Belle Etoile where we spent a very pleasant but short visit. Returned home for dinner with Raoul, Amédée’s brother, and Edith. Before dinner, Ninette, Robert, and Bertrand called to say goodbye. A very pleasant dinner. Retired after eleven o’clock.

September 5, 1954

We are ready for eight o’clock mass. It was cool last night. We used a blanket for the first time since we are here. We attended mass with Amédée and Nicole. After mass met Mrs Hayot and aldo Louis Poissonneau with his two dogs.

After breakfast we were ready to leave for our picnic with Guy, Marie Louise, Marie Thérèse, Marie José, Christian, Amédée, Nicole. The dog came along.

We left a little after ten o’clock for trip to a place called Cabary. We went on to the west of the peninsula jutting out in the Atlantic called Caravelle. We went up to the lighthouse and up to the light. Had lunch--almost a dinner under the cocoanut trees--stewed chicken, rice, cheeses, sandwiches, wines, other drinks, etc. It was very enjoyable though we did not go bathing we watched others.

On our return, where we left the jeep we ate water melon. Went to St. Joseph to the filtration plant which serves the southern part of the island. We passed over 11 bridges covered with water and forming waterfalls in La Rivière Blanche. Both going and coming we went over these bridges. The plant itself was not interesting.

We reached the house to find Alain and Monique here with theory it was almost eight o’clock.

Had a plate of soup and then Antoinette brought down our suit cases. Paule stayed at Mourne Rouge and is having some painting done. She will come to the tea tomorrow. We tried if the big box of cakes fits into the suitcase--it does.

September 6, 1954

Today is Labor Day at home. We left early with Amédée and Nicole--had a nice visit with tante Pauline--talked for a while then Alain Despointes came (only for a while). Gaby called--and Aline also--we all had cream and cakes then left for Redoute to see Joseph Hervé and family. They had reunited all those who could come--we were 15 or twenty. Had refreshments and were the happy recipients of many gifts.

Stopped to see Father Robin. He is in retreat.

Came home to find Marie, Alice, Monique, and husbands who had come to see us. Guy came to get us for déjeuner--then we were off for a pleasant time at his home. On our way back we saw Mari-José de Jaham and asked her to accept our good wishes and [?] for all the family. When I came home I helped Nicole prepare the table and was scarcely dressed when Ninette and Annie came to kiss us.

The party was a grand success. We had about 20 ladies. The refreshments were delicious and it was one of the nicest gatherings here. We ate very lightly as we were all tired and very sad. Paule stayed and with her, Amédée and Nicole, we started to pack as we could do best and all was finished about 11:20. We both bathed and I was in bed about 12:30. It was hard to sleep but I rested.

September 7, 1954

We were up at three this morning. Had a little coffee with cake and then Guy came for our jugs in his jeep then went for Marie-Louise and Marie-Thérèse and we were all on our way to the aerodrome. When all the necessary papers were filled out we were on our way.

Met Fernand Clerc’s father--spoke with Mrs Ohlson, the Consul’s wife. We made the trip with Fernand sitting between us and before we knew it we were in Guadalupe (Point à Pitre). Daniel and Raoul met us as Daniel had come on here on business. Raoul took us for a ride. We made the round of the island and almost followed the exact same roads steep and risky rocks. Creeks to cross--well it made the ride all the more interesting. We are now in Basse Terre and in a garage having the exhaust pipe repaired. Soon will be on our way again. *

After a long ride we reached Usuie Ste Marie where Monique and the children and Daniel awaited us. It was already dark and we could hardly see the surroundings. The house is on an elevation with galleries on four sides. There is a constant breeze--all around us are cane fields. The property is extensive. We had dinner and a nice talk with all the family we were in our room under the mosquito bar.

* We had déjeuner with Paule’s sister Alice Bareige at her house in Matoubra. Her daughter Denise (Mrs Raymond Brault) was there with her four children Elisabeth, Bernard, Genevieve, and the baby. Her daughter-in-law Maria and baby Arnaud--also Maria’s sister. After a delightful meal we rested a while--a really needed rest as we had very few hours sleep. San Fernand Clerc’s uncle and his wife--no vanilla available.

September 8, 1854

Our wedding anniversary. We were up early and Daniel took us to mass at St. François Church. St. Francis de Sales. There was a high mass and we were happy to celebrate our anniversary by receiving holy communion.

We had breakfast and later Raoul took us for a ride around and through the property of Marie Ste Maittre. It is very extensive--the cane looks fine and promises a splendid year which is much needed. We dined at home with a "Coque au vin" which we watched Raoul prepare. We rested after déjeuner and after a shower (quite pumietive) we dressed for the evening. We went with Raoul and the darlings Sylvie and Louise to see "La Pointe du Chateau" a curious and beautiful rock formation which jutted into the sea. We returned after a pleasant ride and breath of fresh air, on the point.

Learned a new solitaire from Raoul. Cards from him, Shemal, D Phili, Louis Alain.

September 9, 1950

Letters of Congratulations from Marie and George. We went to town bought plates, ash trays, candies. Met Robert, Ninette, Philippe, and Bertrand, also Alain Despointes--in Point-à Pitre. Not much to be had in the stores though it looks like a busy place. We returned home in good time to dress for the déjeuner for Anniversary Celebration. We were twelve grown-ups and six children. The children sat at another table.

We were Monique, Daniel, Alice Bariège, Raymond Bault, Christian and Michaline Marry, Pierre and Marnia Bariège, Marnia’s sister (de Verteuil), and us at the dining room table. A delightful meal--Roast Pig. A gift--perfume from Alice an dash tray from Raoul and Monique.

In the evening Jacques de Jaham and Aline came for a visit. We packed a little when they left, then before retiring finished our packing. We were in bed before eleven--mosquitoes kept us awake for a while. Finally the rain poured and though we slept badly we had a rest--set the alarm for three-thirty and were prepared to awake Daniel as he asked.

September 10, 1954

We were awake before the alarm rang--called Daniel about 3:40 and soon were ready and dressed with all the additional things in bags and suitcases. We left the house about 4:15 Monique and the children were up to see us off. In spite of the early hour Mr. Morales came into the station wagon with us and all the baggage together and after a long ride with Daniel at the island we were at the airport. Many people were there and there were several flights. We regretted to say goodbye but are happy to be on our way home.

It is now 8:30--in less than an hour we will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Had breakfast. We reached Puerto Rico ahead of schedule about 9:45. Attended to baggage. Customs officer very gracious did not even open our bags. We had $29.40 to pay excess baggage. Had it checked to New Orleans.

Had a cold coke and after a wait which was not too long we are now on another plane which will leave for Miami in a few minutes. Reached Miami 2:30 Miami time. Sent cards, looked after luggage which we had checked to New Orleans from San Juan.

Left Miami at 4 o’clock reached West Palm Beach at 4:30; leave for St. Petersburg at 5:45. Stopped fifteen minutes then left at 6 o’clock for Tampa. Stopped there twenty minutes at 6:25 we left for Panama City 6:45. Reached Panama City in one hour--6:45 central time. We change our watches as we have already done in Miami. Leave Panama City 7:50 EST for Pensacola. We reached Pensacola at 8:30 EST. The plane is cold when in motion. It is almost too cold and is really uncomfortable.

We leave Pensacola at 7:45 central time. Our next stop is Mobile. I retarded my watch another hour. We reached Mobile at 8:25 and were told to get off the plane and check in at the ticket office. We learned there was something wrong with the carburetor and we were all being put on another plane. Our flight was 372. We are being put on flight 315. We do not know exactly what delay there will be. After half hour delay we are now on flight 315. It is nine o’clock as we leave mobile. We were in New Orleans at 9:40.

George, Cecile, and their family were there to meet us. It was good to be home again and after checking our baggage we were soon in our nest again.

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