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A Martinique Journal by Genevieve de Jaham

September 8, 1955 – October 12, 1955

Transcribed by Raymond Johnson, February 2009

To Martinique

September 8, 1955

We left New Orleans (home) at 7:55. George and Cecile took us to airport. Met Marie who came also. Plane 45 min. late. A fine flight. Reached Miami at 2:30 pm Miami time. Our flight from N.O. was 908. Left Miami 4 p.m. on flight 451. It was raining when we reached Miami but began to clear as we were leaving and fine all the way to San Juan where we arrived at 9:30 pm local time which is 2 hours ahead of ours. We are in our room 509 at Normandie. At New Orleans paid $7.32 excess. At Miami we paid $22.40 excess. Had a good nights rest left word to call us at 6 am.

September 9, 1955

Up at 6 o’clock. At the airport at 7 a.m. Checked baggage paid $22.04 excess. Had fruit juice coffee and roll. Our flight is 271 leave at gate #3. Airport is new being in use almost 1 month. It is magnificent. Left San Juan at 8:30 readied St. Thomas 9:10 stopped 20 minutes, left there 9:30, readied St. Croix 10 o’clock. Mix-up about immigration. Left at 10 o’clock. Lunch sandwiches and coke. At St. Johns Antigua at 11:45. leave noon. Readied Guadeloupe 12:45. Daniel, Raoul, Monique 4 children Bernard, and a Despointes cousin were at airport. Leave Guadaloupe at 1 o’clock. Arrive Fort de France 1:40. A large gathering met us. About unpacked, rested, family came in evening. In bed for 11 o’clock.

Sept. 9

Up at 7:30. Bathed and had breakfast about 9 a.m. Florence is running all around talks and talks her own language. She is really a beautiful child. Went to see tante Pauline. Bought postal cards (200). Rested after déjeuner. About 4:30 went to Guy’s.

Dinner at André’s. We were for dinner–younger people sat at a separate table–at home and in bed a little after midnight.

Sept. 10

Mass 9 a.m. High Mass at Bellinu a visit from Anna and Annie–visited Yvonne Duplan. Dinner here. There rested. Went to Thérèse and Louise at Choisy–went to Mae Lacuir Grandmas home early. Wrote cards retired early.

Sept. 11

High mass–church at Bellone. Visit from Anna and Annie. We went to meet Yvonne Duplan. Saw Lillie and children. In the afternoon we went to Choisy to see Thérèse de Wouns and Louise. After returning went to May Lacour Grandmaison. A very enjoyable visit.

Sept. 12

Started to address cards. Weather bad–remained at home all day. Réné Cottrell called to see us in the afternoon. Invited us up to Josephine’s home. Annie had come in the a.m. Fernaud came with his wife Andrée and her mother spent a pleasant visit in the evening–invited us to see them.

Sept. 13

Wrote cards in the morning. Rested. In the afternoon Gaby sent for us–spent a delightful visit at La Redonte–about 50 persons.

Sept. 14

Amédée left for Guadaloupe; continued writing cards. Gaby de Verteuil came to see us with Annie; Paule, & Gilonne came in p.m. Weather very stormy. Lights out. A large palm leaf fell across wires. All Didier without lights and electricity–we used candles. Retired 8 p.m. Baby knows us and remained with Precious at least an hour.

Sept. 15

Weather improved. Paule is with us. I finished addressing cards while Paule and Nicole went to town. Amédée returned from Guadeloupe.

Sept. 16

Left at 10 o’clock for Pagorie. Enjoyed seeing the museum of Josephine–the place of her birth and childhood. Visited the church where she was baptized. Tablet with inscription. Continued to "Le Diamont." Had a delicious dinner. Walked along the shore. Returned for needed rest.

Dinner at Edith’s. 10 at table–a delicious dinner and most pleasant time.

Sept. 17

Amédée and Nicole’s 2nd wedding anniversary. Paule, Precious, and I attended 6 o’clock mass at the Noviciate. Leave for town at 10 o’clock, went to cathedral–made the way of the cross. Made a few purchases at Roger Albert’s–perfumes, ash trays, and saw tante Pauline.

Déjeuner at home. Dinner at Pierre Hervé–it was his birthday. We were 11 at the table, 2 children at another table. At déjeuner we feasted. Amédée and Nicole’s 2nd wedding anniversary. Guy and Marie Louise dined with us. Marie José came in evening to say goodbye as she leaves for school tomorrow. Retired before midnight from Hervé.

Sept. 18

Attended 7 o’clock mass at St. Anthony’s Church. After breakfast leave for St. Pierre. Had a fine trip with Amédée–through Morne Vert-(La Petite Sanis). Visited museum. Mr. Joseph Dubonnet Durival himself showed us through the museum. Very interesting. Went along Littoral.

Returned by La Trace–passed through Morne Rouge near Case Pilot–a grand ride. It rained heavily. Had dinner here–rested, then went to Georges Rimbaut quéquette was delighted with her doll. No one had appetite for supper. Returned early.

Sept. 19

Morning at home–Déjeuner here. Visit from children and Alice. Intended to see Robert and Ninette. Rain and visits kept us at home. Cocktails at Christian and Josianne Meyer’s home. Saw his paintings and studio. Supper here–retired early.

Sept. 20

Up early. I attended mass at the Noviciat. Refrigerator misbehaving so Amédée took it apart early this morning. Breakfast bathed and dressed for our visit with Joseph Hervé and family. Tante Pauline was there. Aline and Solange came also. Mr. & Mrs. Berthout and daughter Fran. Supper at home–Florence has a little fever–Philippe and Miguel came to say goodbye.

Sept. 21

We did a little shopping this morning–stopped in to see tante Pauline. She had a parlor full with these nephews coming to say goodbye. It was quite pleasant. Dinner at home with René Cottrell–Mr. and Mrs. Giese, Mr. & Mrs. Starr (Vice-Counsuls), Mrs. Lueckeus. Most enjoyable dinner and company.

Sept 22.

Stormy weather–Nicole is worried and anxious. Janet1 is expected to strike Martinique. We had déjeuner with Yvonne who is lovely but does not feel well. We expected to go to Case Pilot, but did not because of the storm. Robert, Ninette, Gerard and Bertrand came for a visit.

Sept. 23

We were happy to awake and find the storm had missed Martinique–learned about the damages due to Barbad–(Barbados) We expected to leave the house at 10 a.m. as the plane was due to leave at 11:30 a.m. but learned it would be 3:30 pm before we would take off. I wrote all the letters I owed and felt light. Déjeuner at home. Flight was most pleasant. Reached Port-à-Pitre at 4:30. Visited the Petrolultzzi family then dinner at Alice Basiege. We were 12. Very pleasant time. Reached Ste. Marthe about midnight tired but happy.

Sept. 24

Had a good nights rest. Awoke a little after six. Breakfast about 8 o’clock. Visited with children–walked about garden with Paule. Went to beach with Raoul, had a very pleasant dip in the Caribbean. Returned in time for dinner. Played cards with the children then rested. Lights are out–had supper by lamplight and candlelight. It was quite quaint and brought us back to the real colonial days.

Sept. 25

We attended 7 o’clock mass at St. François Church. It was a high mass beautifully sung. A nice sermon, much devotion. Mass lasted one hour and seven minutes. We went to the Marquet square in front of the church. Noted the quaint way here which is so much like Mexico–especially quaint is the meat market–pigs cut up and served at tables outside of screened market. Dogs catch food that drops. Went to beach to watch water skeeing [sic]. Returned for a delicious dinner–22 persons. It was grand. We slept after dinner and stayed at home while others went to the beach. Pierre and Marina had supper with us.

Sept. 26

Went to Point-à-Pitre. Called on the Petrolultzzi family. Sorry we could not accept their invitation to déjeuner as we already accepted Micheline’s. It was most agreeable. Did some shopping. Met Alice and went to Micheline’s. Took some films. Stopped at the Pergola for cream on our return to St. Marthe’s. Found Jacques de Jaham and Jacques de Guyer waiting. They had supper with us. We packed before retiring and had a good nights rest.

Sept. 27

Today is D’s and Cecile’s birthday. Left Ste. Marthe at 7:20. Plane left at 9:05 on time. Readied Martinique 9:55. Had a grand welcome from everyone especially our little Florence. Déjeuner at Reinbaud’s with Amédée and Nicole. Dinner at home.

Sept. 28

Went shopping. Bought more cards. Mailed them at the post office where we wrote and stamped them. Déjeuner at home. At three o’clock went to René Cottrell’s city chouse–a real museum. His sister-in-law “Lise” looks after it. Most interesting in every detail. He is preparing a real museum there. Nicole came home to feed the baby. We went to La Bateliere saw the damages done by the storm. Amédée and Nicole met us at Balata–his fairy garden beautiful plants, etc. Had dinner in Vieu Manoir–received beautiful night Laming filness–which looked like angle’s wings.

Sept. 29

Gaby called for us at 8:30 am to visit the island of La Petite Martinique–owned by Henri Lafossi’s wife who was Simone Galatt. They have interesting children. We went in auto to le Robert, then by jeep to the point, in motor boat with Thérèse and Henriette and Gaby to the island. A splendid day. It rained much on shore as we could see and two jeeps danced through the deep soft red clay. On our return we stopped to see Henri Hervé’s family. They are still expecting the baby. Joseph came to see us there. In the evening Gaby came with Marie Louise and Marie Thérèse plans for tomorrow.

Sept. 30

We left at 11:30 with Marie Thérèse at the wheel to visit Alice and Chatia at Trois Rinères–a long ride–and at the end a pleasant house and a bluff gave over the impression of being a boat–beautiful large veranda. A delicious lamb roast etc. Returned to pack for weekend (after supper).

October 1, 1955

Left early with Marie Louise and Marie Thérèse for le Marin where the Loe Sack Sine family are. Had a delightful bath good dinner pleasant talk. On our return they left us off at La Pointe Jacob where we spent the weekend with André and family. A good night. Mass at 7 a.m. au François. Good dinner. Took movies. André and Alice are delightful hosts. Heavy rain and mud, returned early than planned but happy as Nicole was not very well. Baby also under weather. The day was delightful. Mass at 7–am François–where the bishop was spending the day. Said the mass, talked. It rained during mass. Good weather in the day helped to take some film. André with sheep, us on porch.

Precious walked and walked with Florence–in his glory.

October 3.

Today Mama’s birthday. Went to mass and Holy Communion. Spent the day at home, wrote several letters. Mrs. Lueekeus came with her baby Elizabeth. In the evening mostly visits. Marie Thérèse, Gaby, Robert, Ninette, and baby. Paule came.

Oct. 4, 1955

George Rimbaut and family dined here also Blanche Despointes and Paule. Everything was delicious and a real success. In the evening we went to Annie’s and Yves for a visit. René Cottrell was there also Ninette and Gerard. Supper at home.

Oct. 5

Gaby came for us–had déjeuner at La Redoute. Aline and family came after déjeuner as it was Guy’s birthday (55 yrs). Amédée, Nicole, and the baby came. Had a fine visit. Dinner at Robert’s home. Their house beautiful and well done.

Oct 6.

At nine o’clock Guy and Marie Louise called for us. We took Paule from Morne Rouge. Saw Gilaine. Met Raoul Despointes at the de Paz home and in Mr. de Paz’s car went to St. Pierre. Saw the storm damages and the twisted metal and foundations of the (Tonnellerie Sarm). Broken up road caused by Raj de Maré–déjeuner at de Paz home at Peroul. Saw the old home of du Pargreet de Paz bought property only the chapel remains their property of the du Pagreet family. Returned to find Amédée and Nicole out. They went to see the movie Magria. Marie Thérèse and their sister came with 2 children, brought my shopping from Loe Sack Soie. Letter from M Crisemce.

Oct 7.

Left early for 8 o’clock shampoo and hair cut. Called on Mr. Porier very little shopping. Saw tante Pauline. Déjeuner here. Dinner at Thérèse de Wounes. Met Odette at tante Pauline’s this morning. It rained heavily all during dinner and on the way home. Nicole did not come.

Oct. 8

Déjeuner here with the cousins Marie Louise, Guy, Fernand, & André. Very much entrains. Visited Eande Didier. Spent the evening at home.

Oct. 9, 1955

We intended to hear 7 o’clock mass. Paule had garage key so visited at 8 a.m. at cathedral. Nicole accompanied us. Spent morning taking pictures for Phili. Had brunch at Vieux Moulin. Very good déjeuner at home. Paule came we rested then went to Lido. Florence accompanied us everywhere. We spent evening at home. Amédée, Nicole, Paule went to Nioni.

Oct 10, 1955

Up early. It rained and as I am fight a head cold I did not attend mass. Went to town with Amédée and Paule. Finished almost all our shopping. Went to tante Pauline’s for 10am. Had a nice visit there–déjeuner at home. Rested. Dinner at Guy’s. But before dinner we went to visit the Edgar de Jaham family. Also had ? with Georges Marry. Paule left with us much regret. Hopes to return tomorrow. Delightful dinner at Guy’s.

Oct 11, 1955

Gaby called early for us–9:15. He first went to the Chuir to see Suzanne and the baby Marie Christine Hervé. Bought crib needed for baby at Daniel’s. Also another religious article. Finished shopping cakes etc. Went to tante Pauline’s then to Joseph’s where many of the family gathered to see us. Tante Zaga accompanied us home. She is wonderful. Our grips were brought down. We bagan packing after déjeuner which was delicious. Very little rest. At 3:30 went with Marie Thérèse to see her parents. A fine old couple. Nicole with Marie Louise’s help prepared table etc for the evening’s reception which was magnificient. About 45 attended. Everyone happy they regret to see us go–and so do we–to leave. Awoke Florence who was a darling one would think she senses our departure. Finished packing, in bed almost 10:30. Rested well.

Oct. 12

Up at 3:15. Guy and Marie Louise came to station with Nicole and Amédée. Also Alice and Chatin. Guadaloupe at 6:15. Antigua 7 a.m. St. Croix 8:05. San Juan, Puerto Rico 10 a.m., Customs, leave 11:30, reach Miami 2:45 eastern time. Leave Miami flight 372 leave 4:45 EST. Palm Beach reach Panama City, Pensacola 8 Mobile New Orleans 9:30.

Monseigneur Poirrier to be consecrated Nov 21 at Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Rev. Gelby, Rev. Rio accompany him. Met them on plane at St. Croix. Fort-de-France to Miami excess $48.80, Miami to N.O. $9.45.


Mr et Mme Raoul Despointes (Monique DePaz)
Usuie Ste Marthe
Ste François, Guadeloupe

Bertrand 13 yrs
Simon 11 yrs
Sylvie 6 yrs
Louise 4 yrs

Daniel Despointes épouse Bernadette de Jaham
Usine Ste Marthe
St. François, Guadaloupe

Mme Raoul de Jaham
Didier 1K500 Fort-de-France, Martinique
Monsieur et Madame Victor Depaz
Habitation- La Mathagne
St. Pierre, Martinique F.W.I.

Mr et Mme Guy de Jaham (Marie Louise)
269 Fort-de-France
Marie-Thérèse soeur famelle de Marie Louise (Savon)
(BP 523 this)

Marie José

Mr et Mme Paul Fabre (Odette de J.)
Enfants Marcel, Marie Alice Mme Raymond Duplan (infant Jean Claude)
Petit Paradis, Fort-de-France, Martinique.

Madam Georges Reynard de Wouses
Habitation Choisy St. Joseph
Martinique F.W.I.

Marie-Aline Mme Marcell Hervé
Enfant Loys

Mr. René Cottrell Fort de France
Roger ep Raymonde Marry
Ninette ep Robert de Jaham
Michel ep Solange de la Guarigue
Raymond ep Monique Chatenet
Annie–Yves Porry=Joseph René
Marcel ep Solange fille Corinne

Mr et Madame Raoul de Jaham
Didier, Martinique (Yvonne)
Route de l’Union, Fort de France, F.W.I.
Sabine et Louis Touin-Francis

Jean Pierre

Monsieur et Madame Yves Porry B.P. 181
Fort-de-France, Martinique F.W.I
La Clairière

Mr et Mme Robert de Jaham (Ninette)
Didier, Martinique

Gerard-Marie Claude
Thierry-Patrice 5/21/65
Philippe-Marie Reine

Laurent Danielle


Soeur de Paule
Gaby-Mme Bernard de Verteuil


Marina–Pierre Basiege


Mme Raoul de Jaham – Didier (Anna)
Jacques de Jaham – Aline Aubery

Annie-Mme Hayot

3 garçons & fille

Claudie-Mme Jean Gouyer
3 filles–1 garçon

Pierre et Madeleine Hervé
Bellevue, Fort-de-France
Suzanne, Mariée à Henry Hervé
Alfred, marié à Marie Louise Lafosse-Marin
Marcel, marié à Marie-Aline Reyard de Wouves
Marie Andrée
Joël, marié à Suzanne Lafosse-Marin

Phone 32-80 BP 20

Marie Christine
Bernard-Simone de Jaham
Martine Case Pilote, Martinique
Isabelle Sept. 29/58
Fréderique Nov 6, 1959
Yilonne Mme Pierre
36 rue Paul Bert
Boulogne/Seine–Seine France

Mme Jules Despointes
Uenie Rivière Salée
Petit Bourg, Martinique F.W.I.
Morne Rouge

Amédée – Nicole – Florence – Patricia

Raoul et Monique (de Paz)
Uenie Ste Marthe – St. François, Guadaloupe
Bertrand, Simon, Sylvie, Louise
Alice – André Plissonneau
Petit Bourg Rivière Salée, Martinique
Christiane 16 Paris, France
Daniel - Guadaloupe
Gerard - Blanche des Grottes
Denis – Jean (Marie Galante Guadaloupe
Alain – Monique de Jaham
Belle Etoile, St. Joseph
José, Laurent Thierry

Maitaine Louis Littée
Habitation – Hiou Fonetion
Laus en tin

Jean Littée ep. Simone
Jeanne et Are
Laus en tin

Henri Littée
Habitation – Fonetion
Laus en tin

Mme Edgard de Galan (Yvonne Littée)

Aline, Suzanne, Marie-Gabrielle, Christian, Marie Jô, Claude, Mugette, Mme Gaston de Jaham (Marie Louise des Grottes)

Joseph (Bébé)

19 rue Ledru Rollin
À Fort de France

Melle Pauline de Jaham
23 Rue La Martine
(servant Ines)
les Religiouses de St. Joseph
La Redoute, Martinique

Joseph Hervé
Ote Postale 218

Guy Fabre
Ote Postale 52

Mme Ulyone Lafosse
BP 296

Soeur de Paule
Alice Basiége (Georges)
Matouba, Guadeloupe
5 rue Frébault, Point-à-Pitre (BP 148)

Denise-Raymond Brault
4 children

Micheline-Christian Marry
2 children Bernadette

Pierre-Mariuce de Verteuil 2 children


Mme A P Good de Breynol
(Louise Huoi)
Adelyne et Hariette des Gilter

Soeur de Paule
Mme Edith Meyer (Paul)
Didier, Martinique

Line – Mme Georges Marry
Didier, Martinique
Nicole, Dominique, Jean Paul, Isabelle

Marie-Thérèse – New York

Christian – Josiane
Enfant Claudine

Monsieur et Madame André de Jaham – Alice
Didier - Fort-de-France
Martinique F.W.I.

Monique Madame Alain Despointes
Habitation Belle Ctoile
St. Joseph, Martinique F.W.I.

José – Laurent. Thierry
Marie Christine

Marie Alice – Mme Nuebel de Pompignau
Habitation Réunion
François, Martinique F.W.I.

Simone Mme Bernard Despointes
Habitation Maniba, Case-Pilote
Michel – Didier

Soeur de Paule
Yvonne Mme Jean Duplan

May Mme Charles Lecour Grandmaison
Arnaud – Claire – Dorothy

Lilly Mme Gilbert Luoru Grandmaison
Brigette – Amaury – Elisabeth – Patricia

André de Jaham
Ouzouer – Le Marche (Loir-et-Cher) France

Gilomnne bust 38 Mairb 27 luigth 42

Nicole (? 14 or 16) waist 25 or 26
Tante Paule waist 38 breste 46

Mme Bernard de Verteuil
c/o Institut Haïtion du Credit
Agricole et Industriel
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

1Hurricane Janet was a category 5 storm, strongest of the 1955 hurricane season; it was category 3 when it hit Barbados.

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