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deGruy Family Records

From: Degruy List Admin
Subject: Vital records received from Judy Riffel 18 Feb 2005
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 20:32:28 -0600

These are the latest records received from Judy Riffel on 18 Feb 2005
[There are also a couple of records from the Archdiocese]
These will eventually be scanned and placed on our new web site:

Baptismal Record
Francoise Elodie Verloin Degruy
[child of Pierre Verloin Degruy and Azelie St. Amant]
Born on the 8th of March 1830
at [not stated]
Baptized on the 1st of February 1831 at St. Louis Cathedral
Sponsors: Pierre Uscelle Degruy and Adelle Audibert
Baptism Book 13 [1828-1832] Pg 225, Act 968
paternal Grandparents - Joseph Verloin Degruy and Marianne Couturier
Maternal Grandparents: Michel St. Amand and Françoise Zeringue

Note: anyone with information on Pierre Uscelle Degruy or Adelle
Audibert, please contact Renee. Could Uscelle be Huxelle? Were Pierre
and Adelle Audibert married or just individual witnesses?

Baptismal Record
Estelle Felicite Verloin Degruy
Child of Pierre Verloin Degruy and Azelie St. Amand
Born on the 23 May 1835
at the civil parish of Jefferson
Baptized on the Sunday, 17th of April 1836 at St. Louis Cathedral
Sponsors Louis Thomas Archambaudiere, rep. by Pierre Huchet Kernion,
fils, and Dlle Felicité Estelle Verloin Degruy
Baptism Bk 15 [1836-1838] page 64, Act 157
Paternal Grandparents: Joseph Verloin Degruy, deceased, and dec. Marie Anne Couturier

Baptismal Records
Antoine Paul Brandon
Child of Robert Robelard Brandon, native of New York and Jeanne Zulmé, native of this parish
Born on 30 January 1835 at this parish
Baptized on 16th January 1838 at St. Louis Cathedral
Sponsors: Antoine Lanna, Dlle Pauline Clementine Mondelli
Baptism Bk 15 [1836-1838] Page 400 Act 1066

Birth Record
3 Nov 1866
Alfred Bienvenue
son of Charles Bienvenue and Phelede Degruy
Orleans Births vol 42, pg. 60

Marriage Record
26 Dec 1870
F. E. Forstall [son of A. Forstall and Louisa Taney? [hard to read] and
Marie Verloin DeGruy, daughter of Arthur V De Gruy and Louise Harang.
Witnesses V Randeier? and Henri Hareng [difficult to read]
1870 Orleans Marriages Vol 1, p 888
License Book No. 2, Folio 237

Marriage Record
31 Jan 1874
F. V. DeGruy, son of F. V. DeGruy and Felicie Foucher, and
Marie. A. M. Giguel, daughter of Ermand Giguel and Marie A. N. Montault
Witnesses: M. E. Montault, O Raymond, L. E. Clairain
Book #5 Folio 190
1874 Orleans Parish Marriage Index A through K Vol 4, p. 212
DeGruy F. V. -- M -Marie F. M. Giquel 01/31/1874 Vol 4 Page 212

1874 Orleans Parish Marriage Index A through K
Auguste Cabiro 23 M and
Octavie V. Degruy 21
03/19/1874 Vol 4 pg 385
Auguste is the son of Auguste Cabiro and Laure Ganuchau [hard to read]
and Octavie V Degruy, daughter of Emile D Degruy and Elise Foucher
Book No 5; Folio 265

1882 Orleans Parish Grooms' Marriage Index A through K
Toussaint DeGruy 26 M and
Nathalie Leon 24
01/28/1882 Vol 9 pg 142
Toussaint is the son of François DeGruy and Julie Bonaud;
Nathalie Leon is the daughter of François Leon and Victorine Beausoliel.
Witnesses: J. B. Dauterive, François Degruy, L. M. Chauvin

1882 Orleans Parish Grooms' Marriage Index A through K
Pierre John Durel 27 M and
Marie Mathilde DeGruy 24
04/22/1882 9 277
Pierre John Durel is the son of Pierre F. Durel and Marie C. Duchamp. He Joseph C. DeGruy and Leonide St. Amand.
Witnesses: P. Charles DeGruy, C
Degruy, J. C. Degruy. Zoé Mitchell.
Book No. 15 Folio 185

Death Certificate
Charles DeGruy declares that his Father in Law Theophile Verloin Degruy, aged 71 years, departed life 17 Feb 1886 from his residence at corner Johnson and Kerelec Streets.
Orleans Deaths Vol 88, p. 913

Death Certificate
Octave Veloin DeGruy residing at 192 N Broad Street declares that Marie Verloin De Gruy, aged 3 weeks, departed life 22 Feb 1886. She was the lawful child of Octave Verloin DeGruy and Marie Adele Derbes
Orleans Deaths Vol 88 pg 959

Marriage Certificate
Orleans Paris Brides' Marriage Index 1800-1899
Virginie Degruy 22
Louis D. Quest 21
04/26/1887 Vol 12 pg 492
Louis is the son of Paul Quest and Juliette Rollins. Virginie is the dauther of Louis DeGruy and Isabelle Samuels.
Witnesses were Paul Quest, Henry Bennett

Marriage Certificate
Orleans Paris Brides' Marriage Index 1800-1899
Marie Antonine Dufouchard DeGruy 22
George J. Mazerat 22
12/14/1889 Vol 14 pg 173
George is the son of Antoine Mazerat and Virginie Godefroy. Marie Antoine Dufouchard DeGruy was the daughter of Charles Dufouchard Degruy and Felicité Anais Verloin DeGruy
Witnesses: Charles DeGruy, Antoine Mazerat,A.V. Degruy,
Book No. 25 Folio 409

Marriage Certificate
Orleans Paris Brides' Marriage Index 1800-1899
Lucie DeGruy 21 and
Leon Joseph Ferrandon 25
11/24/1890 Vol 14 pg 859
Leon is a native of Matamora, Mexico and is son of Auguste Ferrandou and Amelie St. Marc. Miss Lucie DeGruy is the daughter of Henry De Gruy and Louise D
Witnesses: J. Schwabacher, G. M. Macmendo, A. Delpench [all hard to read]
Book # 27 Folo 182

Marriage Certificate
Caricabere Arthemise 19 and
Joseph DeGruy 28
04/04/1891 Vol 15 pg 136
Joseph is the son of Dostan? [Can't read] and Josephine Thomas Arthemise
Caricabere is the daughter of Mortimer Caricabere and Catherine ""Cobet
Witnesses: George Filhe; Armand Moret; Manuel Moreau
Book 27; Folio 467
Orleans Mgs vol 15, pg 136

Marriage Certificate
Morgan E. Villarrubia [29, native of NOLA, son of Eugene S Villarubia and Josephine Sibans?] and
Edwige V. DeGruy [21? native of NOLA, daughter of Octave V DeGruya nd Marie O Derbes].
26 Sep 1891
Witnesses: O V DeGruy, Odile Derbes
Book No 28 Folio 283
Orleans Mgs vol 15, p 454

Marriage Certificate
John Adolphe Mossy [24 yrs, native of Iberville, son of Victor Mossy and Celeste Segur] and
Adine Marie DeGruy [23 yrs, native of Jefferson, daughter of Jules Degruy and Angela Boisblanc]
25 Nov 1891
Witnesses: D.E. Seghers,
G. Saunier?, Edwin Gardeur. License issued on 23 Nov 1891
Book 28 Folio 425
Orleans Mgs. vol 15 p 596

Marriage Certificate
Ernest Bourgogne? [32 years, Native of New AOrleans, son of Bourgogne and L[can't read] Bourgogne] and
Hortense DeGruy [26 years, native of NOLA, daughter of Ch DeGruy and Celestine DeGruy.
19 Sep 1892
Witnesses: Arnold ? , John Louis Bourgogne]
Book 30 Folio 120?
Orleans Mgs Vol 16 pg 248

Marriage Certificate
Armand F. Tabony [47?, native of NOLA, son of François Tabony and Azema Bayhi] and
Marie Eugenie DeGruy [30, native of NOLA, daughter of Eugene DeGruy and Felide Charbonnet].
7 Jan 1893
Witnesses: L. E. Charbonnet; F de Latour; Joseph Coucille.
Book 30, Folio 385
Orleans v 18, p 513

Marriage Certificate
Alexander c. St. Marc [28, native of Mamoras, Mexio, son of Alexander C. St. Marc and Eliza Bergamini?] and
Alice V. Degruy [26, native of NOLA, daughter of Henry DeGeruy and Louise Delvaille] 3 Feb 1894
Witnesses A. Delfrench, L. Farnet, A. Fernandez.
Book 32, Folio 318
Orleans Mgs V 17, p. 338

Marriage Certificate
Ernest J. Cassard [25, native of NOLA, son of Adriene Cassard and Aglea Mattesse] and
Adele A. DeGruy [21, native of NOLA, daughter of Henry Degruy and Louise Delvaille]
18 May 1895
Witness H. J. Cassard, Leon Ferrandou, Alb St. Mary.
Book 34, Folio 344,
Orleans Mgs V 18, p 396

Marriage Certificate
Charles DeGruy Jr [29, native of NOLA, son of Charles DeGruy and Felicite Anais Verloin DeGruy] and
Louise Amelia Sauton [26, native of NOLA, daughter of Louis Adolphe Sauton and Gerdelk? Amelia Beatty]
24 July 1895
Witnesses: Chas DeGruy, Jas DeGruy.
Book 35, Folio 60.
Orleans Mgs. vol 18, pg 513

Marriage Certificate
George A. Cooper [?yrs, native of NOLA, Son of Jack? B. Cooper and Marie E. Prudhomme] and
Gabrielle DeGruy [22? yrs, native of NOLA, daughter of James V Degruy and Amelia Sauton].
22 Dec 1895
Witnesses: A Prudhomme, Gaston Schwartz?, Alice Cooper.
Book 35, Folio 358.
Orleans Marriages vol 18, p. 811

Marriage Certificate
Louis J. Courtin, Jr [? years, native of NOLA, son of Louis J. Courtin and Isabelle Torrens] and
Rosa Josephine DeGruy [native of Mobile] daughter of Felix DeGruy and Irene Finlay]
6 Feb 1896
Witnesses: J. Courtin, L. Robira, G.E. Courtin, Jr, Alfred Frellsen, Louis Ruch, Jr. L. Robira.
Book 36 Folio 98
Orleans Mgs v 18, p 953

Marriage Certificate
Joseph Gubler [? yrs, native of Switzerland, son of Joseph Gubler and Marie Ann Bussmasser?] and
Loaurence Verloin DeGruy [23? 25? native of NOLA, daughter of Octave Verloin DeGruy and Marie Odile Derbes]
12 Dec 1895
Witnesses: O. V. Degruy, N. J. Derbes, M. Villarubia.
Book 39? Folio 354
Orleans Mgs V 18, p. 803

Marriage Certificate
Louis Harris [24? yrs, native of La, son of George Harris and Mary? Harris] and
Augustine Degruy [23? years, native of La, daughter of Zenn? Degruy and Augustine? DeGruy.
24? Sep 1896
Witnesses Julie Dudly, Eliz Manuel
Book 36, Folio 499
Orleans Mgs vol 19 pg 352

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