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Letter written by Seymour Stewart 10 May 1896

Written by Maria "Marguerite" Nisida Giquel's grandson, Seymour Stewart, St. Louis, 10 May 1896

LETTER! (Written by Grandson)
St. Louis, May 10th 1896.

Mrs. W.S. Crosley,
My dear Cousin:

Your very welcome letter with stated enclosures came duly to hand I am very much obliged for your promptness in sending Judge Floyd's letter. It states what I am trying to prove- that Judge Floyd's oldest son was John Buford, and full brother of Mourning. Had I the date of Mourning's birth the rest would be easy. {This is not correct. John was Mourning's half-brother. - JTH}
I have written to Miss Addie Kelly, trusting Judge Floyd referred to his grandparents in some other letter. "The Incidents of a Border Life" I copied from an old Montgomery Register and have furnished copies to six or eight members of the family, including Mr. Paul Beckwith and Mrs. Prentiss.
I have examined genealogical works, every Encyclopedia, and histories, even including two volumes of the Dead Towns of Georgia.
Judging from a history of the Valley of Virginia our Stewarts must have settled there in 1735 or 1737, and I believe it was the father of Gen. John Stewart, who came from Scotland. I do not think we will have any trouble as far as the Stewarts are concerned, except ascertaining their residence in the Old Country.
It will take a little time to straighten out the different branches as it was against their religious principle to have less than a dozen children. I have some records of the Floyds and can complete a tree, broken now and then for a generation, back to Sir Thomas Fludd of Wales, 1550 to 1575. As you are very desirous of knowing the Floyd crest I enclose one drawn by Mr. Paul Beckwith. It is rather imperfect but Mr. Beckwith apologized for it when he drew it. I have forgotten the motto. At one time I never forgot anything but I have so much detail in managing our three stores that I let some things escape my memory- too busy trying to make a dollar I suppose, whether silver or gold. As soon as I straighten out the parentage of John Buford, (the name is very similar to Burfoot, is it not). I will join you and the other members of the family in having the records examined. I think the better plan would be to have each member of the family contribute to a purse what ever the genealogist would charge, and have all records examined. Northampton, Accomac, Martin's Hundred, West and Shirley Hundred, Amherst, etc. In fact all residences of the Stewarts and Floyds. I think we can get 20 or 25 to contribute. Mr. Paul Beckwith has the family tree of the Davis family and will furnish a copy to those who desire it. I am very much obliged to you for your interest in my researches as evidenced by your referring me to your brother for information about my Texarkana kin, but I do not think they can give me any more information than is contained in Judge Floyd's letter. Should either you or your brother visit St. Louis I can assure you of a hearty welcome.
If I go to Chicago I shall call on him. My sister has not decided where she will spend the summer but I hope you will meet her.
Our paternal Stewarts are from Castle Bright, County Down, Ireland. My father on maternal side is a great grandson of the Chevalier de St. Romes, Knight of St. Louis, and Colonial of Engineers in the French Army. I will have Gen. John Stewart's Revolutionary record looked up for you and will communicate the result in a few days. He is not mentioned Heitman's Historical Register of Ten Thousand names of Officers, nor in Barry's Army and Navy of the U.S.
With kindest regards sincerely your cousin,
(sig.) Seymour Stewart.
P.S. We are lineal descendents of the half-sister of King Arthur of the Round Table. You will probably recall the parentage of King Arthur; Pendragon assuming the shape of her husband, visited his mother, and thus became the father of King Arthur. There was a Thomas Burfoot who was Ensign of a Virginia Regiment in the Revolution. He is the only one of the name as far as my researches have gone. The Bufords were very prominent in Bedford and vicinity. I will write you again in a few days.

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